Quantum Life

Welcome to Quantum life, I don’t know why I chose Quantum life as a title of my blog may be my mind saturated is with lots of unsaturated Sci-fi thoughts.

I wanted to name it only Quantum – refers to an indivisible entity of energy, but someone had already booked it, and guess what that guy who booked it is not using his blog at all i don’t understand if anyone don’t wanna use any URL then why the hell they book it.

First I thought that I coined a new term Quantum Life….. but Later I found that already lots of sites are using it, then I tried to find out what exactly it means but I couldn’t find it I tried to search all sites which is using this term, I tried also Wikipedia and Google but tough luck, May be Quantum life term is coined by others but I do have coined it’s most relevant meaning which is –

“The Indivisible entity of Life” – Quantum Life



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