Deep Neck T- Shirts

deep_vneck_t-shirt“whenever i see gal wid deep neck my eyes goes down below to her neck….no matter how hard i try to make eye level contact….but i get this feeling that she knows that i’ve noticed that thing….Even If I’m not looking at there she feels that I’m looking at them GOASH….. Previously I used to get embarrassed now days I feel that this is all part of normal life”



  1. sanjeeta said

    its normal!! gals mistake.. why hey have to wear projecting fiugre hugging cloths??

  2. Someone said

    thanx….. coz i feel guilty when she adjust her T shirt after watching me….

  3. prince said

    gals want to show, guys want to see.. its natural.. just that we shouldn gawk and make them feel uncomfortable..

  4. Someone said

    thanx 🙂

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