Fighting wid self


Now days I feel very lonely, sometimes i get very down, but one thing i have learnt that being feeling down doesn’t make any changes…. i gotta fight against the time and situation and keep the ray of hope that things will change and keep on trying on daily basis to change my life.

“I’m sitting alone, coz no one is here, some of them went to four directions to find meaning of life, i don’t know when they find but for sure it’ll take time, some departed cause I chose to stay here to find meaning of own my life, they are calling me silently with their tears which falls every Sunday when i use to come home that happens to be perfect day for us, now my home went so far I can’t make it on Sunday and those tears comes automatically when they feels it’s yet another Sunday without me. I’m here sitting all alone in crowd hoping that some day i’ll make to home, someday they’ll find their meaning of life and come back to me, that day will be perfect day for me”


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