Eye Contact


“If your heart is pure then you won’t be afraid of anything, if there is a thief inside, you won’t be able to make an eye contact.” – Anonymous

Well I don’t think so this holds universally, at least not in my case (sometimes), I know..… I know for sure that my heart is pure there is no thief inside me and I don’t expect anything in return still, I can’t able to make eye contact with girls in our first meet and sometimes even in third and fourth meet till I get comfortable with her, this really troubling me now days cause in our company lots of pretty girls has recently joined and I’m simply avoiding them cause of same reason, they must thinking what kind jerk is he, who don’t even say hello and hi…..

May be there is some fear but what is that, I’ve intro inspected many time. If there is really a fear then I needed to find it and bust it cause in our business we got to interact with females frequently and they all are really smart who can sell you in the middle of the road and you don’t even realize it.



  1. No One said

    yeah…eye contact is a toughie…see…from my personal experience…if I am interested in a guy…like…really into him…then I will try to make eye contact with him which usually lasts like more than 20-30 sec…but the problem with me is that…the last time I tried to make eye contact with a guy I was into…he got soo nervous and shied away…he looked away…so I don’t know if it was me…or him being a lozer…but then again…things are a little different for me…a lot of guys think I look like I have an attitude problem…so they get intimidated in approaching me…but when they do get to know me…they realize…i am not so scary…:S…thats my 2 cent…tahh

  2. Nova said

    I know ppl who can lie through the eye… what abt that????

  3. Someone said

    @No One: you r rite….. i better face them……

    @Nova: well we just can’t do anything about them……

  4. nn said

    hi “someone”………eye contact….well as far as i feel its at times necessary, but again just to decide on someone on the basis of eye-contact or not is simply crap……chalta hai yaar……….but nice girls, kabhi kabhi looks de do yaar……..they’ll feel good…….getting from a hunk like u.

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