Finally I made up my mind….for a while

Last night after dinner, I went to my colleagues room instead of going straight to my room and reading out something as per my daily routine, there we discussed everything about our company, what should we do to improve our revenues, what should we do to tackle our bosses shitty patty tricks. And how we can add value and get a good leap in market etc etc… know all those craps…..

Later I came back with light head coz u feel that way after vomiting out your whole frustration in your company policies and your boss.

And from no where a thought struck me that why should I continue with this blog coz I’m not enjoying at all writing here or writing in any other blog. Then I thought I got to merge all my blogs into one and leave this anonymous blogging habit which is just inculcating in way of reinforcing into habit.

Then with strong point of merging all blogs I went to bed, I woke up at 4:47 AM, went for Jogging and all felt good as always. Got Paratha in breakfast ummmmmmm was good. Later I sat down in front of my office comp, I checked out my emails and blogs which I generally do after 12:00 pm, following time boxing and time management, but today I did changed my usual routine may be the effect of last nights Steve pavlina’s How mind really works article or due to my strong concern about merging all my blogs into single one.

When I went through new comments I felt really great, I changed my mind of deleting this blog and keep it for some more time.

Then I enquired – WHY???? Why I changed my last night decision. Coz I’m not at all enjoying anonymous blogging, many times I wrote many posts and later deleted them…..all…. WHY????

Later I went to No One my oldest blog friend…. She always gives some inspiration about anonymous blogging and inspiration about keep writing, I usually don’t write long posts or comments but when ever I go to her Café Imagination, some how my mind stimulates to pen down my thoughts.

After writing a big comment in Café Imagination, I found that some where in my subconscious there is sense of expression at the same time my mind wanted to read out these expressions by others might be to satisfy its ego….. ……who knows but one thing for sure is that as long as people keep reading this blog I’ll go on writing. That’s why when this morning I saw three new comments I changed my mind. So keep reading and commenting…….




  1. No one said

    trust me… keep this anony blog and the OTHER one…know what I mean…keep writing yaar…trust me…you will be fine 🙂 tahh.

  2. Someone said

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx a ton….

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