Small is beautiful

Does it hold right in case of writing blogs too?

I’ve seen lots of blogs with so looooooooooong long posts, also they get huge responses, still i feel of following one golden rule for conveying my thoughts –

  • 80/20 rules
  1. 80% communication
  2. 20% information

PS : I also wanna write long blogs but who has the time……. so Small is beautiful is good excuse.



  1. Nova said

    Lol… And what according to u is the way of communication????

  2. fracas said

    I think your blog is about you and you should write it in the way that best suits you. Once you have regular readers, they come back and comment because they like what you have to say whether it’s lengthy or short.

    Small posts that contain something that provokes thought or opinion can receive lots of responses too, so just be you. (But every once in a while, creating a provocative title to your post will get you traffic and therefore, some new and potentially regular readers.)

    Thanks for stopping by fracas and good luck to you with your new venture here!

  3. Someone said

    @Nova: Welcome to my blog….. u r right but this is also a form of communication……

    @fracas: Welcome to my blog….. yepp thanx a lot…..

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